Main APPCRO BMS features include:

  • Core (necessary subsystem for proper functioning of the APPCRO BMS platform. Contacts management, a catalog of products/services and employees)
  • Collaboration (subsystem for tracking business activities, events, calendars, notes, document storage and document approval)
  • GDPR Manager (a personal data protection management system in complies with EU GDPR regulation)
  • Corporate Governance (subsystem ensures the right process in the right place and manages your business in the safest way possible, minimizing resource waste)
  • Marketing (management of email, fax, SMS, telemarketing campaign, recording and processing leads and contacts)
  • Sales Activities (management of the pre-sales activities, retrieval and management with proposed qualified sales and marketing opportunities)
  • Contracts (creating, managing and connecting frame contracts, contracts, purchase orders)
  • Project & Programs (financial planning and management of projects and programs)
  • Invoices (complete account management process with integration, withdrawal and amendment of data from the financial-accounting (ERP) system)
  • Service Desk (records of user issues, incidents, problems, changes requests)
  • Contact Center (integration with digital VoIP telephone system, allows continuous withdrawals call records in real time, managing with calls, e-mails, issues)
  • 360° Tracking (advanced client, contact or employee overview with all the information from other APPCRO BMS platform subsystems)
  • DMS (allows associating digital documents and their storage in DMS, version management, document verification or approval)
  • Records Management (record of incoming emails, internal emails, creating direct outgoing emails, delivery notes, review of case files, case files and records archiving, shipping, borrowings, extraction)
  • Asset Management (includes records of tangible and intangible assets)
  • Intranet Portal (includes a range of functionalities for improving internal communication, and for easy access to the shared files inside organizational units)
  • Procurement management (module that allows creating and managing financial and procurement plans, procurement requests and overview of purchase calendar)
  • External portals (allows creating of external users that have restricted access to Infintiy ECM functions, tools and options).

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