The DMS attachments are part of the common platform components. They are located in subsystem profiles (e.g., Task profile, Accounts, Contracts …)
The user has the ability to authenticate documents in the optional options of any loaded DMS Attachment. Once the attachment has been added to the review and user want to send it for verification/approval, it is necessary to select a verification/approval in the context menu.

By clicking verification/approval, the user is redirected to the profile to add the verifier/approver.
Verifier/approver is added by clicking Add next to verifier box. By clicking Save, the verifier/approver is added to the list. After the verification has been added to the list, the user must select Notify verifier/approver.
One document can be sent simultaneously to one or more specialists.
The recipient to which the document is sent will display the Approve/ Reject buttons on the profile of that attachment.

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