Contract Management

If you use contracts and other forms of documents on a daily basis, you know how easily your pace of work can be disrupted when you encounter difficulties in finding contracts you need, losing valuable time to find these contracts, having poor overview of your contracts, or even poor control of agreed deadlines. APPCRO BMS's Contracting system manages contracts that move within your company or organization, even those which are created in electronic form within the company or organization itself.

Contracts and Purchase Orders Management

Increase visibility, reduce costs, and save paper, by faster data finding. Have the ability to create, manage, and connect frame contracts, contracts, single and related contracts, and order books.


The module contains the ability to create and review contracts concluded with natural or legal persons. Contracts are created electronically and managed within the organization. In addition to information about the signatories, invoiced amounts are also displayed. It is possible to track important deadlines and steps related to the contract. The contract contains items, signatures and participants and includes linked accounts and linked assets.

Purchase orders

Ability to view incoming and outgoing purchase orders. Purchase orders can be independent or linked, and when a linked purchase order is created, then it is linked to a specific contract. In the overview, the purchase orders are sorted by status and each card has its own amount. The invoiced amount and related items are displayed on the profile. Along with basic information, important dates, guarantees and signatories are also shown.

Visual warnings

The subsystem includes a contract and purchase order allocation tracking, along with a warning chart for spent financial resources. Missing deadlines will no longer be a problem with APPCRO BMS's contract expiration reminders. Contracts can be summarized in a hierarchical order, with direct links.


Enable the option of contract approval and verification from several participants, and create a contract from MS Word templates, automatically adding stamps and signatures. You can also create invoices based on a contract or a purchase order, and make contract reports in a timely manner.