Web service (API)

A web service (API) is a set of rules for communicating with other applications. Web Service (API) is Application Programming Interface that allows easy and fast integration with other systems. Various standard-supported options and methods for manipulating data such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE are available.

Swagger metode

Some of the available methods within the web service are GET, PUT, POST, DELETE. An example of the Swagger method for data retrieval (GET) where it is possible to immediately see the available data format and perform testing and pulling the desired data from the service.

Swagger metode - response

When testing, it is possible to directly see the result of the previously selected method. After data withdrawal, the result is available in the Response section and it is seen how the return data from the server to the system will look like.

Plugin (SDK)

Other (SDK) extensions are also available in plugin form. The user independently chooses which accessories to use in cooperation with his team. Some of the available are:Google Drive, Azure File Storage, Fixer Curency Exchange, MailJet, InfoBip, PDF e-Signature, AWS SES, Wasabi object storage.