Projects & Programs

Projects and programs are related activities undertaken to achieve expected results. Project management is very demanding, but with APPCRO BMS, you can easily overcome any obstacle and realize your project activities with easier resource & risk management.

Project Management

Complete insight into all of you projects, in one place. Define team permissions for each specific project and provide access to members according to assigned tasks. Enjoy complete project oversight, from defining project phases to tracking project deliveries, using task creation, work-logs to financial allocation, and create timely and accurate project reports.

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart can be accessed through a tabular project overview or project profile. It shows visually the duration (estimated/planned time) of the project, stages of the project, and work orders and tasks related to that specific project.

Project phases

Achieving project objectives means going through project phases. Inifnity ECM enables you definition of project phases, duration planning of a particular phase, and shows percentage realization of each particular phase.

Project deliveries

Define specific products, services or processes that are created during the project. When creating a project delivery, you can set a specific delivery status, estimated vs. realized effort, and the financial value of that specific delivery.

Project work orders and tasks

APPCRO BMS provides you with the ability to create work orders for a project or related to a specific phase of a project, as well as to define and realize the tasks of a particular project phase. Plan your employee's work schedule efficiently, and resolve tasks quickly, without having to worry about approaching deadlines.

Project reports

Quality reports are important for efficient project management. APPCRO BMS allows you to create reports for analysis and tracking of activities, time spent, and engagement of human resources. Create a report with a few clicks to check any aspect of your project.