Human Resources

Behind the production of each product is human effort and hours of work. Human resources are an essential part of every team. Human resources, their knowledge, abilities, skills and competences are key factors in the successful operation and operation of any company, organization or institution. The subsystem enables the management of recruitment, selection, employee motivation, training and development, evaluation of employee performance, deciding on compensation and benefits, etc.

Employee Management

The HRM module enables a simple and quick overview of all necessary information for each individual employee. In addition to essential information, it is also possible to save all information about the user, date of birth, certificates, education, payments, absences, travel orders and the like. It is possible to see all active data from employees in one place without having to record it all in several places. It is also possible to store attachments in various formats (PDF, xls, txt, JPG) so that all necessary scans or documents important for the employee's profile can be stored.

Travel orders and Intercity ride costs

It is possible to view all active, past and future travel orders and loco runs. In addition to the overview, the user can see the complete record of orders, statuses, payments, cost calculation and printing in the form of a form. Data for loco runs are displayed in the same way. A detailed profile enables users to have insight into information and expenses incurred on official travel at any time.


    Manage employee and organization certificates. The module enables the creation and review of individual certificates, their duration and technology. In addition to information and details about the certificate itself, it is also possible to see its participants, status, whether all the documents attached to the certificate are valid. It is also possible to assign the technology, version, date, who issued the certificate, who is the owner of the certificate and an overall overview of all certificates in the company.

    Time offs

    The HRM module provides access to all planned and implemented absences of each individual employee. An employee can independently create and send for approval an absence for the desired date, depending on which his superior can reject or approve that absence. In this way, the process of planning and managing employees can be facilitated and accelerated. In a simple and intuitive way, an overview of all absences for each employee is given, where you can see all the necessary data from the date, status, plan of vacations and days off, how many have been used and how many have been approved.