Asset management

Includes records of tangible and intangible assets of the company, with the possibility of defining and consolidated overview of the different types of assets (software, hardware, real estates, cars, machinery, equipment, etc.). For defined types of assets, it is possible to keep various data about insurance; supervision and maintenance, responsible persons, asset locations, financial information on the acquisition and the current value of the assets, etc. Defining notification for: date stamp of important deadlines, the maintenance dates of the assets, etc.

Asset hierarchy

The subsystem allows you to define the Asset hierarchy. Asset hierarchy includes an overview of subordinate and superior assets giving the user a quick and easy lookup.

Licensing Management

Due to the non-material nature, proper license records are often neglected, which can cause business and legal risks and unnecessary costs. Along with our solution, simplify the records of the licensing process, whether it's a software purchase or licensing. Align a license to users and devices that are available at any time for a license status with a few clicks.


Maintain the entire asset the in the organization with deep visibility as they are connected. Simply identify critical assets and analyze the impact of incidents and changes.

Asset Monitoring

The Asset module provides the user with a unique supervision, assignment and asset allocation. Allows you to track asset life cycle, track asset ownership and rent.


With this innovative solution, manage maintenance by defining maintenance terms through various maintenance projects. Record planning maintenance, tasks, measurements, and consumables.