Service Desk

The main purpose of the Service Desk sub-system is to provide support to its customers for the products and services they have sold. Each client, regardless of whether it is a legal or a natural person, has a list of products and services sold and each SLA level for a specific period.

The module contains one team of operators and may include more team specialists, but only one team of experts can be assigned to each product. Within the module, there is issues and users overview, knowledge bases, my VSD overview, notifications and consist of user and part for system administrators.

Issues overview

An issue overview provides insight into customer requests, initiatives, and complaints or clients incidents, problems and change requests associated with the sold product or service. In this module, you can create specific requests, incidents, problems, and changes requests. The issue profile provides a detailed insight into the data on a particular request. Information about problem analysis and solution, records of vendors, related issues, tasks, events and products, knowledge base management, automatic e-mail notifications for issue change status, integration with project management (for automatic work-logs on support projects).


The knowledge base exists to gather knowledge on the subject of solving. It serves as the basis and kind of assistance in the processing of future user requests, as a help to the Contact Center staff or helps with some future development.

Managing Service Desk Support

Managing Service Desk Support helps administrator of helpdesk settings, operator teams, and a specialist team with their permissions.

SLA levels

The SLA level determines the level, priority and time of support for a certain client for a particular product or service.