Compliance manager

For successful management and operation of the organization, it is necessary to manage it properly. Compliance Manager ensures you have the right process in place, that your team is fully aware of how to effectively carry out your service and meet targets. That you are consistent in what you do, progressing towards your goal destination, and managing it as safe as possible and minimizes resource wastage.

Management tools

Record the Management reviews, create possible business risks, opportunities and goals and thus ensure customer satisfaction. Monitor and set the necessary indicators. Increase employee awareness of quality and improve your efficiency.

Management review

The goal of every Management is to set up an organization that knows exactly who, what, when, and how should be done something to achieve the goal. This subsystem offers insight into all conclusion points, their risk, opportunities, objectives, evaluations of these objectives, monitoring, and many other functionalities.

Risk Management

Risk management affects business results and forms an essential part of managing an organization. Risks often depend on the goals of the organization. The module offers the ability to manage risk assessment and monitor risks over time. it allows the organization to always be ready for upcoming problems.

Opportunities and objectives

Management of all opportunities and objectives to strike a balance between the organization and employees. Properly and completely manipulate opportunities or objectives to reduce unnecessary waste of time and resources.


The module is a systematic, independent, and documented process of collecting and evaluating objective evidence for the audit criteria. There are external auditors, which are carried out by persons or bodies of the second and third party (usually certification or accreditation bodies), and internal audits (first-party audits that are fully supervised by the same organization being audited).

BIA Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is an integral part of business continuity management. Carrying out BIA analysis provides all the necessary data for further implementation and maintenance of the business.


The module provides a record of the attached policies for employees in organizations. Policies are a set of rules of conduct at the time of doing business. It is very important that the policy is available to the public and thus must be communicated to all persons working in the organization.


Monitorings keep records of assets or activities if it is deemed necessary. Tasks and reminders are recorded. The compliance of procedures with the requirements of the norms in the context is controlled and proven.


Standards are decided internationally and nationally and can be related to quality, safety, environment, energy efficiency, etc. The module serves to record all the standards implemented in the organization. Provides insight into the workspace within which the desired results are efficiently achieved organizations. Allows you to view domains, requirements, and control standards.

Informations about the Compliance Manager: