Cooperation with Klara d.d. was agreed for APPCRO BMS – Portals

In 2022/2023, in cooperation with Klara d.d. we developed and refined the order portal. In addition to the portal, the APPCRO BMS platform has also been improved so that users can easily access the processing and administration of orders and the entire ordering process.

Except portal, an asset module was developed for business needs to facilitate the recording and monitoring of all assets owned by the company. More information about our company and the solution itself are on the following link: External portals – APPCRO BMS

Implementation of APPCRO BMS platform – Boost d.o.o.

APPCRO BMS platform has been implemented in Boost d.o.o. with whom we maintain partnership relationships.

As part of the APPCRO BMS platform for personal data protection and data management, the Infinity GDPR Manager was implemented. More information about the solution is available at the link: As a basis for the implementation of Infinity GDPR Manager, an organization has been made GAP analysis. Also, employees have been educated through group lectures and individual education.

The ECM platform is a “User-friendly” application – adapted for easy use by the user. More information about the solution on the link:

Implementation of APPCRO BMS platform – Inspecto d.o.o.

The APPCRO BMS platform was implemented for Inspecto d.o.o (, and thus increased the competitiveness and efficiency of the entire business. 

Some benefits of the APPCRO BMS platform for Inspecto d.o.o. are:

  • creating effective internal and external communication environments,
  • activating the sales-marketing process,
  • reducing administrative overload,
  • eliminating the possibility of human error in complex analysis and client reporting.

Also, through the system, a staff base was created and digitized archive was established in accordance with ISO standards, thus significantly increase the efficiency in managing, searching and using business documentation.

Implementation of APPCRO BMS platform – K-Index d.o.o.

APPCRO Ltd. successfully implemented the APPCRO BMS platform in company K-index d.o.o. ( and thus increased the competitiveness and efficiency of the company’s entire business.

This is another great example of APPCRO BMS implementation which provides this company with comprehensive service in the management and maintenance of residential, apartment and business facilities, enabling IT and business process improvement.

The APPCRO BMS platform bought this company improvement in development and technological readiness to competition. For more information on our company and solution, please visit the following link:

Implementation of APPCRO BMS platform – RST Consultor d.o.o.

For the needs of RST Consultor d.o.o. the APPCRO BMS platform ( has been successfully implemented and GAP analysis has been made for compliance with GDPR requirements as a basis for the implementation of Infinity GDPR manager.

Implementation is made in a very short time, and after implementation, the employees are educated and fully prepared to use the application.

Support is available to users over the Support centre, the Internet or at their own location.

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