Contact Center

The Contact Center subsystem serves to integrate Infinity with VOIP platforms. The subsystem includes functionalities that extend the functionality of the VOIP system. VOIP platforms lack data and links to leads, contacts, and companies.

Windows Data Synchronization Service

The Windows service runs on the web server and communicates with VOIP call log and Infinity database. Periodically retrieves new historical call records, pairs them with phone numbers of leads, contacts, and companies and processes them into the Infinity database for further analysis. The Windows service and contact center settings are configured in the administrator section of the Infinity web application.

Calls overview at the contact center

On a calls overview, it is possible to filter through the first line, change the width and column order, display and hide columns, sort and paste the records. The links to callers and other speakers are displayed so that you can quickly access the detail profile page.

Infinity desktop application for contact center

Infinity desktop application for contact center is installed on computers running Windows 7, 9, 8.1, 10 operating systems. It's a desktop application running in the background and comes on while you start your computer and uses minimal resources.

After the application is turned on, it connects to Infinity and retrieves all caller details based on the incoming/outcoming number. The user then has the option to review the last call descriptions and write a new conclusion and description of the call that will be visible to other users.

Calls and extensions

Users in the contact center have their own extension that are their numbers in the VOIP system. If a user is assigned extensions in the administration, he has the ability to start s call from the leads, contacts, and company profiles.