Marketing stands for the planning process and the implementation of pricing, promotion and distribution concepts, in favour of an individual or organization. If your team is struggling with analysis, collaboration and automation, we are here to help. We will make sure you generate more potential customers and promote your service.

Campaign Management

Create and implement marketing campaigns individually, quickly and easily. With our solution, you can combine managing marketing campaigns and budgeting, monitor all of the costs per campaign, as well as collaborate on and process leads and contacts, all of which significantly simplifies visibility and control. Additionally, the subsystem is capable of producing complete marketing reports. The marketing campaign profile provides a detailed insight into each campaign's data in one place, with an overview of planned and realized. Mass-emailing, mass-texting and mass-faxing is not only available, but accelerated with a list of data subjects with valid consents, as with the ability to add contacts and leads individually or through an existing distribution list.


Mass-contacting saves time and nerves tremendously via mass-emailing, mass-texting and mass-faxing. You can also enhance your telemarketing capabilities and follow-up functionality by integrating the 3CX digital VoIP Phone system. With it, you can manage group lists for mass-emailing, mass-texting and mass-faxing, as well as create templates.


APPCRO BMS is capable of a 'plug-and-play' integration with these external systems: InfoBip for texting, MailJet for email, PopFax for faxing, and 3CX for telemarketing.