• Multifunctional fully modular Cloud solution with more than 15 subsystems.
• Supports & can improve more than 15 business processes in your organization.
• Consolidates, optimizes and reduces the IT SW infrastructure of the company.
• In accordance with the EU GDPR data protection regulation standards.
• Easy integrations with different global & local software products (ERP, etc.)
• Flexible modern architecture based on web services and plug-in management.
• Multilingual & globally available over our partners or Microsoft Azure platform.
• Fully responsive design (adaptable for desktop, tablet and mobile devices).
• Different platform versions suitable for small, middle and big organizations.
• Unique out of the box Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management System.
• Combines inside: CRM, DMS, ERMS, CMSx3, ITSM, EAM, KMS, BPMA, etc.
• Multi-org & Multi-company support (one system for all related companies).

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