Intranet portal

Includes a number of useful features that enhance internal communication. It is a central place for employee information and storage of all relevant information and documents for internal business supervision. Through the Dashboard, provide employees with an overview of new content, posts and requests in one place.

Managing permissions

Specify access permissions for a particular page. Through permissions, specify content available for review, update, or deletion to an individual user or team member.

Portal sites

Virtual sites for individual departments or similar ones that involve managing creating news and events, notices, image gallery, frequently asked questions (FAQ), collaboration, notes.

Managing requests

Involves managing different types of requests and the ability to send them on verify or approval. (request submission for vacation, leisure, etc.) Allows you to submit a request for your vacation, holiday or paid leave.


The solution enables quick and easy creation of educational content, education and user interaction, and knowledge checking with reporting on completed education.

Managing files and folders

Includes internal document portal to store shared files in an organized network folders and sending files on verification.

Employees & employment records

A central place to store and effectively manage the information related to employees. It is easy to define and guide current or future needs for organization staff.


Collaborate effectively through internal communication that allows you to share important information for the entire organization.