Intranet portal

This system encompasses a wide range of useful functionalities that enhance internal communication within the organization. It stands out as a central hub for informing employees and storing and managing all crucial information and documents necessary for internal business monitoring. Through an intuitive dashboard, employees have access to viewing current content, announcements, and requests in one place, facilitating their work and increasing team efficiency. Additionally, this system enables quick and easy exchange of information among employees, fostering collaboration and teamwork. The system also provides customization and adaptation options tailored to the organization's needs, ensuring that each employee receives relevant information and notifications. All these functionalities together create a dynamic and transparent environment that supports productivity and the organization's success.

Managing permissions

Specify access permissions for a particular page. Through permissions, specify content available for review, update, or deletion to an individual user or team member.

Portal sites

Portal Pages - a digital platform for internal communication. Its modular interface enables browsing of official announcements, news, and events for each department. Additionally, users can create their own news and events, receive notifications, and access image galleries and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Collaboration is encouraged through document sharing and notes within the platform.


This solution provides users with the ability to quickly and easily create educational content tailored to their needs. Additionally, it enables the organization of educational activities and encourages collaboration among users, contributing to the richness and diversity of the educational experience. Through integrated tools, users can track their progress and understanding of the material, while administrators have the ability to generate reports on completed training sessions for better monitoring of the effectiveness of the training program.

Managing files and folders

Includes internal document portal to store shared files in an organized network folders and sending files on verification.

Employees & employment records

A centralized repository and efficient management of employee-related information play a crucial role in organizational dynamics. Not only does it enable the storage of employee data, but it also provides tools for their systematic management. This includes creating detailed employee profiles with information about their positions, roles, work experience, and education. Additionally, the system allows tracking of tasks, projects, and assigned duties for each employee. This functionality facilitates better resource planning and task allocation within the organization, improving productivity and efficiency.


Collaborate effectively through internal communication that allows you to share important information for the entire organization.