Data Protection Compliance Manager

A comprehensive modern data protection and privacy compliance solution that guarantees your organization complies with local and global data protection laws and regulations (such as GDPR in EU and UK, CCPA in California, CPPA in Canada, etc), and also simplifies management of personal data.

The system provides advanced records of personal data, protection measures, risk assessment (DPIA), subjects, consents, requests and data processing. The solution has been designed and implemented in accordance with the areas and requirements of the Data privacy regulation with the aim of achieving the Personal data regulation in practice.


One of the first steps is to define the data types, data controllers or data processors. Through the system, it is possible to define data catalogs, data subject categories, data categories and data types. Particular attention is focused on defining sensitive data for which are defined protection measures and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Consent Management

The system contains overview of consents for processing purposes for which the user gave his permission. Through the system, the user can create consents definitions, and then based on the definition user can define and create consents for data subjects. If consent is created for minor, or if explicit consents is created, they are specifically marked.

Data subject Management

The system contains an overview of data subjects. The data subjects can belong to multiple data subject categories and be in multiple systems. For each data subject in the system, it is possible to see a list of his consents, data processing in which he participated, requests that he submitted, data breaches in which he was involved.

Processing purposes

In the system user can define the purposes of personal data processing which are in compliance with Data privacy . When creating the purpose, it is possible to clearly and precisely define which personal data are essential for processing purposes.

Overview of data processing activities

One of the most important parts of each Data privacy solution is an overview of data processing activities. System user creates data processing and based on data processing creates processing activity. Each data processing is based on the processing purpose and relates to data subjects.

Data subject rights and requests

System contains overview of data subject rights and requests in compliance with Data privacy. For each request, it is possible to define specific due dates for tracking status and progress of data subject requests. Every request is possible to define precisely to data subject requirements, as well as for other users who are seeking certain rights.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

The system supports data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for sensitive personal data and data processing. In each data protection impact assessment it is possible to define identity risks, apply measures and to observe results before and after taken measures, as well as the final score.

Data breach registry

The system involves entering personal data breaches related to data subjects. It includes an overview of warnings and data breaches penalties. Data breach registry includes data breach solving and deadline tracking of 72h for noticing data subjects and the regulator. Through the system, it is possible to send notifications to the data subject and the regulator for the recorded data breaches.

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