APPCRO provides “Design and implementation of a comprehensive ICT infrastructure” service according to the “turn-key” principle, which include the creation of business documentation, installation and implementation of complete software and hardware equipment, according to the accepted user request. Custom integration and tailor-made customization are offered.
APPCRO, through system integration service, offers careful and detailed planning, design and construction process of each subsystem of IT infrastructure, so customers can count on durable and reliable use with minimal maintenance.

Our experts suggest to our client optimal technical solution within budget and choose the best software and hardware equipment in accordance with the budget of our client.
During the construction and deployment of ICT solutions we follow all the flows and procedures, and after the deployment we proceed with thorough software and integration testing of all system components.
By the term installation, we mean the physical installation of the equipment and software in place and in form as provided by the project plan.

The whole system is based on Web API 2.0 Web Services. It is an Enterprise platform that can be quickly integrated with any other system via the web service or EAM (Enterprise service bus). The system has a plugin management architecture where you can quickly develop a new workstation plugin with different external systems.

On-premise version requires:
Minimum performance                         Optimal performance
Microsoft Application Server 2012       Microsoft Application Server 2015
MS SQL Server 2017 Express                 MS SQL Server 2017 Express
4 GB RAM                                                   8 GB RAM
vCPUx1                                                       vCPUx2
50 GB HDD                                                100 GB RAM

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