Invoices Management

Includes integration, withdrawal and amendment of data from the financial-accounting (ERP) system. Complete invoice management process is enabled and includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, delivery notes, work order and dunning letters. Documents related to your daily business are always within easy reach.

Accounts receivable

It is possible to issue advances and outgoing invoices (accounts receivable) with the possibility of tax fiscalization, automatic creation of recurring monthly bills with direct e-mail delivery, reminder for delay in payment through e-mail, cancellation and partial cancellation of invoice,debit end credit notes, issuing bills from invoice templates and creating an invoices directly from contracts, purchase orders, offers, dunning letters.

Accounts payable

Ability to record, verify and approve incoming invoices (accounts payable) per item or group approval. Creating invoices from invoice templates and creating invoices directly based on contracts and purchase orders with the supplier.

Delivery notes

Subsystem enables you to create and edit delivery notes, create a delivery note from invoice templates, and create an invoice based on a delivery note.

Work orders

Subsystem enables you to create and edit work orders, import a work order template, and create invoices based on a work order.

Dunning letters

The subsystem supports creating dunning letters based on unpaid bills and other by particular business entity.