APPCRO BMS Cloud technology is a public cloud solution where third parties are responsible for managing and securing the infrastructure that houses the data stored on their servers. Users of the service access the Internet when needed. This type of software service is considered for their potential cost saving that results from reduced expenses related to staffing, power consumption, maintenance and security.

APPCRO offer APPCRO BMS Cloud platform service through fixed monthly subscription. Subscription is made via secure global payment gateway Stripe and Adyen platform, while APPCRO does not store a secret PIN code, but storage and processing payments are made on the Stripe and Adyen platform. With the Cloud solution you do not need server hardware and other operational expenses (eg., staff, licenses, space). You can access platform at any time from the Internet in a standard Web browser. The solution is fully responsive. That means you can access it from most end devices such as computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The Cloud solution gives you access to a virtual storage space, provides security against unauthorized access and data loss by solving addresses backup issues.

The APPCRO BMS Cloud service is based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is protected and consistent with GDPR.

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