Procurement Management

Includes procurement detail planning, procurement groups, bidding calendar, procurement requirements, procurement implementation process with records of bids submitted, their evaluation and selection of best bids offered; Creation of template documents.

Financial plans

To better manage money in business, you need to create a financial plan. The module contains a simple possibility of tracking Revenues and Expenses and creating short-term or long-term plans. This allows you to have easy financial control.

Procurement plans

Business procurement planning is one of the more important activities. Plan the process of determining your mission and goals. In the module, it is possible to define the items of the procurement plan (what will be ordered) that are in the procurement plan. It is also possible to collect procurement request forms from employees.

Procurement subjects

In the subsystem, it is possible to plan what will be ordered through the procurement plan and procurement plan items and then open procurement subjects. The user in the procurement subject can group several items of the purchase request.

Supplier proposals

In the module, it is possible to collect supplier proposals for each procurement group. Suppliers send their bids related to the procurement group in the procurement subject and propose or request a price. The user has a simple overview and the ability to select the best proposal for each procurement group.