APPCRO BMS On-premise is the software and technology that is located in your company (eg., the data center in the company). By installing and running software on hardware located in your company, IT support has physical access to the data and can directly control the configuration, manage and provide infrastructure and data security.

On-premise software is one of the most common and traditional methods of using enterprise and consumers applications. As such, a software license is required for each server or user. That is why you are responsible for the security, availability and management of the software. However, APPCRO provides after sales integration and support services. Local software is more expensive than software on-demand or cloud version because it requires your server hardware, investment in software licenses, internal IT support staff, and longer integration periods. However, On-premise software is considered safer, as the entire software copy is located in your premises.

Buying, billing, licensing, upgrading, deployment and maintenance are done through APPCRO Ltd. and Partners.

On-premise version requires:

Minimum performance                         Optimal performance

Microsoft Application Server 2012        Microsoft Application Server 2015

MS SQL Server 2017 Express                  MS SQL Server 2017 Express

4 GB RAM                                                   8 GB RAM

vCPUx1                                                        vCPUx2

50 GB HDD                                                 100 GB RAM

Run Infinity on its own structure. You can look at the price list here.

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