We have expanded the APPCRO BMS platform with a new module:

  • External portals.

External portals offer the opportunity to provide customers and contacts with access to important information and functionality with limited capabilities and rights, e.g. customers can create orders, suppliers can create offers, employees can keep records of days off and travel orders.

Infinity platform provides support for the following portals:

  • Orders Portal
  • GDPR Portal
  • SD Portal
  • Projects Portal
  • Contracts Portal
  • Procurement Portal
  • HRM Portal
  • Invoices Portal
  • Assets Portal
  • Sales portal
  • Collaboration portal
  • Records portal.

Portals provide the ability to create and manage data with users which do not have all permissions enabled. Portals provide remote access to data and managing data with users who do not necessarily have to have all permissions to view, edit or create data, e.g. creating a user who will only manage SD requests, this user does not need to see all invoices, contracts, assets, users, create all entities. This user can be assigned to SD portal.