In accordance with the prescribed regulations from the Republic of Croatia, the eOffice 2023 module was developed. The module enables the acceleration and improvement of daily tasks related to papers, files, documents, case files, archives, sending mails…all of this is supported as part of our multi-functional platform APPCRO BMS.

The main advantage worth mentioning is that with us you have the possibility of connecting with other functionalities which you can digitalize and connect, e.g. invoices, fiscalization, contracting, purchase orders, business offers, human resources management (travel orders, absences, intercity driving, approving requests for days off).

While others offer functionalities, WE OFFER A FUNCTIONAL PLATFORM through which you can completely digitalize your company and step into a new era of technology.

You no longer have to worry about where the papers ended up, what’s missing, was it sent, what is the current status, where it is on loan APPCRO BMS does it all for you!