Introducing the revolutionary Warehouse module – a comprehensive tool for smart warehouse management! This innovative module allows your employees to record every step in manipulating warehouse items, from the moment they are received until a possible write-off.

The warehouse provides you with complete visibility and control, allowing you to track the trajectory of each item through different stages. A summary overview of each warehouse document provides an insight into quantities, financial values, item movements and other important records in one place.

Improve your business process through Receipts, which not only record the receipt of items in detail, but also allow you to update the costs associated with the receipt. Automated recording of the received quantity saves your valuable time, eliminating the need for additional documentation and subsequent checks.

Returns make warehouse item returns quick and easy, automating the record process at all warehouses. Warehouse physical inventory provides an instant overview of the stock situation, with the possibility of corrections via put-away.

Adjustment as a separate storage document allows you to correct quantities in case of errors or emergency situations, while writing off goods is a quick and efficient way to record unsuitable items.

Save time, reduce stress and improve warehouse efficiency with our Warehouse module. This is not just software, but the key to complete control and success of your warehouse business! Step into a new era with APPCRO BMS and transform your warehouse today!