APPCRO BMS Pricing Model

Try APPCRO BMS Cloud one year for free


  • Micro Companies

  • Freemium

  • €£$ 0 / Half year
  • Price per user & subsystems
  • Up to 5 users
    Epicuri intellegat vel at, ne dolorum disputationi nam venti um.
  • 40% of functionalities
    Percentage of functionality compared to the full version of the system
  • Without Support
  • Min. 1 user
    Minimum number of user subscriptions per package
  • Max. 2 subsystems
    Maximum number of allocated Infinity ECM sub-systems per package
  • 5 GB Storage
    Free DMS storage for documents included in selected package
  • Records Limitation

    Freemium version has records limitations unlike commercial system versions

  • Main features

  • Maximum number of free users of the platform (free CALs)
  • Percentage of functionality compared to the full version
  • Minimum allowable package depending on the size of the company
  • Maximum number of employees recorded within the system & external portal
  • Maximum number of external users of the Infinity ECM Self-Care external portal
  • Maximum number of registered contacts and data subjects
  • Standalone company database instance (on-premise portalable)
  • Support for multilingualism and the use of all system languages
  • Connecting with other external systems through available plugins
  • Flexible table overviews and reports with quick export to MS Excel
  • Flexible responsive screen design (desktop / tablet / mobile mobile)
  • Basic Infinity dashboard (without advanced dashbords)
  • Security mechanisms for access to the system, data and documents
  • Use, modify, and manage versions for Word document templates
  • Saving, viewing and managing documents & versions (basic DMS)
  • E-mail ticketing and tracking system (max. 1 mailbox)
  • Store documents on your own external Cloud disk service
  • Personalization and adjustment system according to the signed user
  • Availability of Public API integration web services
  • Create and manage reminders (sending e-mail, SMS)
  • Integration with external DMS for document storage
  • Possibility of making specific reports as directed by the client
  • Possibility of integration with other systems via web services
  • Storing documents in a database or file system
  • Integration with our client's web page (web input forms)
  • Verification and approval of documents stored in the DMS
  • Integration and synchronization of user calendars
  • Advanced security login mechanisms (OAuth protocol + tokens)
  • Email ticketing and tracking (up to 2 mailboxes)
  • Use at your own server when purchasing or renting for 2 years
  • Dashboards management and advanced management consoles with KPIs
  • Standalone designing and making document templates and their upload
  • Possible integration with directory services (AD/IDS/LDAP)
  • Automatic creation and sending of recurring invoices to clients
  • BPM (management of statuses, transitions and workflow versions)
  • Interactive collaboration and communication between users
  • Managing secrecy levels of documents and reports
  • Support for multiple virtual service desks per company (up to 3 VSD)
  • Email ticketing and tracking system (up to 5 mailboxes)
  • Multi DMS support (storage in multiple DMS systems - up to 3 systems)
  • Chronological quick overview of the activities in the system (Activity Stream)
  • Possibility of adjusting systems and the development of new functionality
  • Authorization register and signing mechanisms
  • Three-currency mechanism support (transactional, system, report) with fetching current financial data rate
  • Management of ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22300)
  • Control the display and order of tab cards on profiles
  • Multi-company (add for free up to 5 work-related companies + possibility to add with extra charge unlimited number of work-related companies within the same system)
  • Possibility of detailed optimization and adjustment of the system to the client
  • Management by adding meta data and meta cards
  • Availability of all modules and functionality Infinity ECM platform
  • Support for the development of additional subsystems and external plug-in modules
  • Advanced security tweaks and rights of access to data
  • Managing system and documentation layout
  • Process automation and management of scheduled operations
  • Unlimited number of users of the system and no limit on the number of records
  • Advanced configuration of the system under the supervision of logs and load
  • Summary of the number of included options per packages:

  • Freemium

  • 5
  • 40%
  • Micro
  • 10
  • 0
  • 500
  • 10/50