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Enterprise Content Management platform with 15+ subsystems

An innovative platform bringing a fast digital transformation that includes a large number of integrated systems, solutions and tools for collaboration, communication and management of the entire organization.

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EuroCloud Europe Awards 2017

On 25th October 2017, APPCRO BMS platform has been declared the best European Award-Winning Business Process as a Service Suite (BPaaSS) system by the EuroCloud Europe NGO in Brussels, Belgium.

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Cloud edition

Cloud (SaaS) system version runs on a stable Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. The Cloud version is ideal for micro or small businesses that do not have a server, want a good price, are in no need of adaptation or integration with other systems, and are satisfied with the final (out-of-the-box) solution. The Cloud version offers more than 20 modern subsystems with over 100 tools significantly contributing to the business process optimization and company improvement.

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On-Premise edition

On-Premise system version is ideal for medium and large companies wanting to install the system on their own server with the ability to integrate and extend according to their own wants and needs. The system is installed and executed on the Microsoft Application Server. It uses the MS SQL database and requires modest resources. With the On-Premise version you get a powerful solution with complete data control and maximum flexibility in solution customizations.

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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy
UPI-2M Plus d.o.o.
Inter Solutio d.o.o.
Flexi Consulting
Primcast LLC
STANKO d.o.o.
Info Nova
BlueBox IT
Boost d.o.o.
Equus Branding LLC
Inspecto d.o.o.
K-Index d.o.o.


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