Digital files storage

It is part of the APPCRO BMS system and serves for complete records and document archives. It is a central place to store all kinds of digital documents such as documents created in other tools (Microsoft, Excel), images, and other digital documents. Each file can also be associated with a specific comment that will be displayed in the overview. The DMS includes managing versions and sending documents on verification.

Upload file(s)

Add documents, spreadsheets, and other files directly to the linked entity so that your employees have all the information they need for that entity.

DMS verification/approval

When sending document on verification, the recipient receives notification/e-mail of the document sent on the verification or approval and begins the verification process.

Version Management

Allows you to replace an old version or series of files with a new one. It is used to track all file changes, and it is easy to track who made the changes, what it has changed and for what purpose. Best of all, you can restore the file at any time to one of the states in the past and make the entire history of the changes available.

Attachment approval overview

Attachment approval overview brings a list of all attachment approvals in one place. Keep up to date, receive notifications of attachments that have been received for verification or approval. Have a look at all approved or denied attachments.